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Av ricardo rodriguez - 11 oktober 2008 14:41

The eight forwards are the players who form the scrum.

The hooker, two props, two second rows, two flankers and the number eight all bind together in a 3-4-1 formation, ready to lock heads with the opposition.

· The hooker
A key player in the scrum - their job is to hook the ball back towards the waiting scrum-half .

· Two props
They make the hooker's life easier. They bind on tightly on both sides of the hooker, leaving no gaps between them, and try to drive the opposition back.

The prop to the left of the hooker is called the loose-head because they have one arm free when they bind.

The prop to the right is called the tight-head because they slot in between the hooker and the opposition loose-head.

· Two second row forwards
They bind tightly together and pack down behind the front row, putting their heads in the gaps between the hooker and the props.

· Two flankers
Bind on to both the props and second rows on either side of the scrum.

· Number 8
They pack down behind the second row forwards, putting their head between the two second rows.  

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